Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy

"Love² ....A Black Love Revolution"

Ron Young

We have gone from a peppering of Blacks sprinkled throughout the polyamorous community, to a whole separate community with its own unique set of circumstances. Blacks are coming out of the woodwork and finding freedom in living what has been inherent in them from their African roots- yet suppressed until now- due to the constraints of a culture forced upon us after being brought here as slaves.

Black families since slavery have been systematically torn apart through other means such as Jim Crow, welfare, mass incarceration, and police brutality (to name a few.) The tremendous amount of strength needed to survive leaves little room for vulnerability, so much so that it has affected the way we love and interact with each other, in our own homes and communities. Polyamory has been a way to gain empowerment by the pooling of both resources and the extra love needed in order to lift each other up in an environment that is still trying to tear us down.

To be Black and Polyamorous is to be a revolutionary. We are loving freely, shedding the agendas of others that have been pushed onto the Black community for so long. ‘Love²’ will answer the question of exactly how this can and IS being done.

-Ron Young is the Founder of ‘Black&Poly’ - an organization dedicated to the education and support of people of color entering into Polyamory and those that love them).