Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy

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Kirsten Rose

 In this presentation you will gain the confidence to create your own successful, sustainable support group, serving you and the polyamory community of your choice. Kirsten has a wealth of knowledge to share based on over 15 years of conducting polyamory support groups.

 Kirsten will share tips on how to decide who you want your group to serve, attracting the right people, screening potential members, how to build membership, how to create a safe atmosphere that will keep members coming back, time management during the support group, how to deal with the press, and more. She will also address any questions you have regarding getting your own group started.

You will gain free access to her written guides :Polyamory Support Group Facilitator's Script for use in your own group, Tips for Facilitators, and Building & Maintaining A Polyamory Support Group.