Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy

 Dawn Davidson

Your Jealousy toolkit:

(an interactive Workshop)

Jealousy is one of the most common issues in poly and open relationships, and can be a direct path into relationship hell. No matter how "enlightened" you become, sooner or later you -- or your partner! -- will probably end up feeling angry, fearful, or upset in that way we call "jealousy." And it's not limited to poly/open people, either!  Poly people often feel jealous of each other, whereas monogamous people might feel jealous of the time their partner spends at work, with friends, or on a hobby. No matter what relationship style you're in, jealousy is no fun! 

Rather than denying it, drowning in it, ignoring it, or trying to "get over it," workshop presenter and facilitator Dawn recommends instead trying to *listen* to jealousy, and *learn* from it. Drawing on personal history, on the results of a 9 month focus group, and also on 15+ years of counseling experience with real poly/open people from all over the world, she'll share some tools, resources, and useful skills for reducing feelings of jealousy in the jealous partner, and will offer some tips for the non-jealous partner as well. Based on feedback from the audience, she'll choose from a list including Trance Rehearsal, The Inner Child Meditation, How to Make a Jealousy Pie -Chart, The Acknowledgments Exercise, Juggling for 'Idiots', and more.

This workshop will be interactive.