Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy


Jackie J. Stone: Enchant TV

One of the most interesting artistic productions related to consensual nonmonogamy which has appeared during the previous year has been this new video series entitled "COMPERSION."  This is show is produced by Jackie J. Stone of Enchant TV, beginning in May of 2016.         . 

The show has dealt with a wide range of topics involving consensual nonmonogamy, but primarily centers on the activities of  a married African American couple, with children, as the wife, Keena (played  by Jamie Patton), expresses her desire to explore polyamory, and the efforts of her husband (played by Derrick Lemont) to deal with the implications. The production quality, artistic merit, scripting, and acting within this series are excellent. This series is rare in that it focuses primarily African American perspectives on this delicate subject.                    

The producers of the series have completed their first year (13 episodes), and are currently preparing to create the second year of episodes.  Viewing of a recent episode, discussion to follow.