Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy

 A Quick Introduction to Polyamory

​ Are you seeking information because you want to explore consensual nonmonogamy yourself? Or because someone you are involved with or close to is doing so? Or perhaps you are merely curious. This presentation will serve as a good general introduction to the subject - A "guide for the perplexed."

Definitions of common "buzz-words," (i.e., polyamory vs swinging, compersion, primary relationships, secondary relationship, etc.).-

How is all this different from ordinary "cheating," or classical polygamy?"

What are contemporary polyamorous relationships like? How does this all work? What kinds of challenges to people involved in such relationships encounter? Examples of various common types of consensually non-monogamous relationships, family structures and setups. Examples of how the nonmonogamous family units functions, how they live together, share resources, enjoys holidays, mundane aspects of life. Why do people choose consensual nonmonogamy? Discussion of the emotional benefits - and costs - of consensually-nonmonogamous lifestyles. Discussion of the extra “work” that is involved with ethical non-monogamy and is it worth it?